Collection Focus: Miniatures

The Quilters’ Guild Museum Collection has a wide range of items from different time periods within the history of patchwork and quilting. It also has pieces ranging in size from our largest – measuring 3 metres in width – to our miniature pieces, that are full quilts with complex patterns in patchwork and quilting that are perfectly in proportion, but they are smaller than an A4 sheet of paper. 

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‘Inspirations’ by Anne Gosling


Guild member Anne Gosling shares some of her work from a recent miniature quilt exhibition, ‘Inspirations’, along with a selection of other pieces she has made as a member of the Miniature Quilt Special Interest Group. Continue reading

My Miniature Journey, by Corinne Curtis


I make miniature quilts, but I also make large quilts and other miniature things such as scale dolls house items. There is definitely something absolutely fascinating about anything made in a smaller than usual scale, that you can hold in the palm of your hand. It’s a bit like entering a fantasy world, but it is also awe-inspiring – how do people make things that small? Continue reading