Collection Focus: 40 Layers of Quilting, by Jo Avery


I have been making quilts for the last 30 years and have explored most patterns and techniques in that time. In the first decade of this century I lost my interest in quilt making and it was the emergence of Modern Quilting that drew me back to it. Continue reading

A Few Inches More: The Benefits of a Longarm Quilting Machine


“Am I even a quilter if I don’t enjoy the quilting?”

I remember asking myself this question a few months into my exploration of my latest hobby. I’d spent many weeks creating a king-sized Christmas quilt with my mother. It was full of appliquéd shapes and embroidered details and, as it was only the second quilt I’d ever made, I was immensely proud of it.

Continue reading

Jenni Smith and Liberty at The Festival of Quilts 2021


Our friends at Immediate Live talk to Jenni Smith about her gallery ‘Quilting with Liberty Fabrics‘, at their forthcoming event, The Festival of Quilts 2021. Continue reading