University Challenge!


We love using our Collection to make connections with people who have not necessarily encountered quilts before.

In collaboration with York St John University, earlier this year we introduced Illustration and Graphic Design students to our Collection exhibition ‘Text and Context: Quilts and the Written Word’ and challenged them to respond to a quilt which inspired them, using their chosen medium. A selection of the work produced by the students was then displayed on The Guild stand at The Festival of Quilts 2022. 

Charlene Clempson, Senior Lecturer Illustration/ Illustration Course Lead at York St John University, guided students through the creative process in what is now the fourth year of our successful collaboration. Each year we are delighted to see the students’ creative responses, and this year was no exception. Responses varied from products designs for the Quilters’ Guild shop, exhibition designs and publications, to actual quilted items; the range was once again impressive.


The quilts which formed part of the exhibition vary from historic to modern and are constructed in a variety of styles, the unifying feature being their use of text or the written word in some way, whether that is a fundamental and deliberate part of the design, or incidental, such as with paper pieces made from handwritten letters or old newspapers.

Graphic Design student Craig Robson used the quilts pictured below as inspiration for a range of sock designs. It’s exciting to see such a diverse range of responses to the same pieces explored in different mediums.

We look forward to repeating this collaboration in the years to come and exploring new and interesting ways to facilitate people’s experience of quilts and quilting. 

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