Portelet Wall 

We are looking forward to celebrating the 2021 Festival of Quilts by showcasing our forthcoming exhibition ‘Quilts and their makers’, taking 10 historic quilts and 10 pieces from our contemporary works. Newsletter readers can take a sneak peek in advance, as over the coming months we explore the variety and skill of our makers both past and present, and celebrate their creativity in a selection of the quilts which will be on display.

This wonderfully detailed miniature quilt is was made in 2013 by award winning textile artist and quilt-maker Roberta le Poidevin. Measuring just 26.5cm by 18.5cm, the design of this work is based on a photograph of the wall bordering the slipway at the artist’s local beach. The photograph was carefully replicated in miniature by digitally printing on silk, and the texture of the rocks was created using both free machine embroidery and hand embroidery. The only change made to the design was to turn the image upside down. The grass was actually part of a bank on top of the wall, but the artist felt it made more sense for the viewer to put it at the base of the image.  


Normally, the artist makes miniature pieces as samples for her larger work, but Portelet Wall is one of the few pieces which was not made into a full-sized quilt. She uses the landscape as her main source of inspiration, and her artistic practice aims to convey a response to and relationship with her natural surroundings. Based in her studio in the Channel Islands, she has been developing her practice since 2006 and has exhibited internationally, winning several prizes and contributing work to both private and public collections.

2019-8-B close up 2

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