Sarah Hibbert’s Log Cabin Pattern Box cushion for The Quilters’ Guild


We are delighted to share this article from Guild member Sarah Hibbert about her work, The Festival of Quilts, and her wonderful new Log Cabin design for The Guild’s Pattern Box collection.

Stylish interior with comfortable furniture, pillows and plaid i

Firstly, I would like to thank the Quilters’ Guild for the opportunity to design a log cabin cushion for Pattern Box. I have always loved log cabin quilts and they are very much a pattern I pick up regularly, as the variations on where you place the blocks are endless.

4Z5A9647 web

I based this design on the exquisite Log Cabin Tablecloth, maker Unknown, dated 1860 – 1900 in The Guild’s Museum Collection, a typical sunshine and shadows placement but with irregular block colour change.


Log Cabin Tablecloth, maker Unknown, 1860 – 1900, The Quilters’ Guild Museum Collection.

“If you are new to patchwork this is a great block to dive in and have some fun with, either with perfect straight lengths or irregular cut lengths. It is ideal for table mats, cushions, or larger quilts. I have a log cabin quilt made back in the mid-90s with Amish colours which still lives on the back of my sofa which is a favourite to wrap up in on chilly evenings.”

4Z5A9646 web

If you’d like to purchase the Log Cabin Pattern Box cushion pattern, it is available now at QShop, along with the other Pattern Box patterns.

Pattern Box cushions on box 4Z5A9672 web

This year at The Festival of Quilts I was due to host a solo gallery. I was disappointed, like many others, that the event has been cancelled this year but I totally agree and understand the decision. This year’s Virtual Competition and the Beyond Festival of Quilts programme is an exciting development, however, I will very much miss the opportunity to meet quilt friends and share ideas about the quilts on show.

Fortunately the gallery space I have been allocated will be transferred to next year’s show. I am secretly delighted to have that extra time to add to my collection of quilts to share with the visitors! I am trying to keep focussed on creating new work as well as finishing existing work. I am sure July 2021 will be here before we know it. I plan on dividing my gallery into three sections, to show the varied work both by hand and by machine. Hopefully, I will be able to showcase a variety of my styles together with an insight to my inspiration paths.

“I joined The Quilters’ Guild in 1986 and have been an active member covering posts of Young Quilters’ Rep for Region 7 and part Treasurer for the Modern Group along with Janet Goddard. The main reason I joined The Guild was to learn more about the creative journey and the chance to meet like-minded members.”

Since joining my passion for quilting has grown immensely and I try to piece, stitch, or bind a quilt most weeks. I find myself leaning more toward the modern quilt structure, using linen as my main fabric choice. I value the fabric very much and want to showcase this as the best way possible, therefore I keep my quilting simple on the large pieces of work for impact. If you look back over my work, I tend to base my initial design on traditional quilt blocks but change parts of them either by introducing a different colour or turning a section of it around – trying to stamp my individuality.

“I draw inspiration from many areas, either seeing some tiles in a café or text in a magazine, together with colour combinations. I do not follow commercial quilts patterns as such, but I do buy them to support fellow quilters with their work.”

4Z5A8441 (002)

Reflections by Sarah Hibbert, The Quilters’ Guild Museum Collection.

One piece of work I enjoyed piecing was Reflections, a quilt that has been acquired by The Guild for their permanent Museum Collection in 2019. This quilt was based on a standard triangle block in simple rows. I have collected for many years various Japanese printed linens and I wanted to showcase these gorgeous prints together with a neutral palette. I was extremely delighted with the impact it gave off and am thrilled that fellow quilters will be able to view my work within the collection for many years to come.

Another piece I am extremely fond of is Macaroons, this was based on a paper collage I created a couple of years back. I have played around with the image on both calico and charcoal kona cotton and the darker won out! I was thrilled when The Festival of Quilts team approached me to use the image as their poster for the show. I sincerely hope that people will not tire of seeing it, as it will be carried over to next year’s exhibit too.

L1880701 corr

Macaroons by Sarah Hibbert.

I find myself usually working on two or three different projects at the same time, just to keep me focussed, in a strange way I find it easier to bounce around with both a hand quilting project and a large piecing project rather than working on through start to finish on one quilt. My other passion is paper collage which I try to do daily. From these simple designs I like to transfer them to fabric creating a larger piece. On these pieces I feel they need more of an abstract look to them; I commissioned a long arm quilter Christine Perrigo in Denver to quilt a more detailed cover as opposed to my typical straight line.

“A bonus of being a member of The Guild is the quarterly magazine The Quilter, packed full of ideas and information about what is happening across the regions. I find the articles varied and extremely informative, I especially enjoy Linda Seward’s quarterly page; she always manages to capture the mood and influences of other quilters and draws you in to think outside the box.”

I like to share my work on social media, especially Instagram, connecting and sharing ideas across the globe. I find that there are no language barriers when talking about quilts and this can only be a good thing.

I will continue to support The Guild in any way I can, and I thank them very much for the interest and support they have given me over the last 30 plus years.


If you’re inspired by Sarah’s journey, why not become a member of The Guild and join the national organisation for people involved in patchwork and quilting? Whether you are a beginner, an experienced quilter or someone interested in the history and development of patchwork and quilting, we are your Guild.

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