40 for 40: The President’s Appeal


During our birthday year, the President’s Appeal seeks to reach the goal of raising £20,000 to develop a a range of educational opportunities that can be accessed by quilters, and would be quilters, everywhere.

A big thank you to everyone who has got our ‘£40 for 40 years’ fundraiser off to a good start. I’m delighted that people are willing to back our initiative in this way. But this is just the beginning; we’d love as many of you as possible, whether individually or as a group, to join in.


So far we’ve raised one tenth of our target for the President’s Appeal, please help us to colour in all the points of our star!

Ways in which you can donate:

  • Cheque – made out to ” The Quilters’ Guild of The British Isles”, marked ’40 for 40′ on the reverse.
  • Online, click here and select ‘40 for 40’.
  • Debit/Credit card – please ring the office on 01904 613242
  • Cash – unfortunately we will only be able to accept cash at the Conference & AGM and The Festival of Quilts.

Gift Aid is an invaluable additional source of funding for the Guild and in this case it turns your wonderful £40 into an amazing £50 for our education programme, at no extra cost to you or the Guild.

If you are eligible to make a gift aid donation please use our donations page (which includes gift aid) here, or download the Gift Aid form here, sign and send it to us.

Thank you,

Linda Bilsborrow

President of The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles

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