‘All Shapes and Sizes’: Quilts from The Quilters’ Guild Collection


With the coming of the summer an explosion of colour and pattern will arrive in Rutland in the form of a collaborative new exhibition between The Quilters’ Guild and Rutland County Museum. Items from both the Guild Collection and the Museum will be on display.


Hexagon Star Patchwork, 1870-1900, maker unknown, 138cm x 138cm

Throughout history, makers have been able to express their creativity by using the fabrics and skills available to them. From the simple repeated square to complex tessellating shapes, each one uses mathematics and planning to create the finished design.

‘This exhibition celebrates the geometric wonder of pieced quilts and coverlets, looking at the infinite possibilities and vast array of designs that can be achieved using different patchwork shapes.’

Heather Audin, Curator, The Quilters’ Guild Collection


Journey’s End, 2004, by Mary Hewson, 99cm x 98cm

The exhibition showcases a range of quilts, coverlets and costume items spanning the nineteenth and twentieth centuries from The Quilters’ Guild Collection. At the centre of the exhibition will be a stunning diamond mosaic patchwork top from Rutland County Museum’s own collection. Made in the 1850s by ‘Grandmother Sharpe of Ridlington’, this top is made by hand, and features a large border of striped printed cotton around a central mosaic patchwork section.


Trapezoid Coverlet, 1930-1950, maker unknown, 154cm x 202cm

The exhibition runs from 14 July – 15 September at Rutland County Museum and admission is free. For details of how to find the museum you can visit their website, here.

For more information on the Quilters’ Guild Collection you can visit the collection website here.

(Featured image at top, In the beginning, God…, 1997, by Louise Mabbs, 61cm x 61cm)



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