Meet a Member – Festival of Quilts 2017 Winner, Sarah Humphreys


Get to know The Guild better by meeting our talented members. Every year we are so proud to have so many Guild members who are winners at Festival of Quilts. We have reached out to our talented member winners and asked them to share with us their quilting life, why they entered the competition, what their winning quilt means to them and where they get their inspiration. Read on and be inspired. Are you entering a quilt this year?

Meet Guild member Sarah Humphreys who was a winner in the Modern Quilts Category.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on this year’s Festival of Quilts entry for the modern category.  There’s a lot of improv piecing in it – but it’s really quite minimalist, both in colour and style.

working on now

What does your winning quilt mean to you?

Total Square and me

The modern quilt I made for Festival of Quilts 2017 was made for the sheer joy of making! I spent a long time in my local quilt shop selecting a range of colours that I loved and then set off making blocks. Each square block is improv pieced, so each one is unique – and includes a different combination of colours.  I then had a lot of fun using a combination of free motion and walking foot quilting.  I love to quilt!

Not just a number

I was fortunate to have two quilts on display last year.  The second was in The Quilters’ Guild’s In the Spotlight gallery. The gallery theme was No Place Like Home and my quilt  Not Just a Number is about all the homes I’ve had in my life.

Who are you quilting heroes?

I have quilted for more than 25 years and there are so many quilters who have guided, supported and inspired me on the way.  Two notable Guild members have influenced me in what is now my favourite part of the process – the quilting. Sheena Norquay and Philippa Naylor both create beautiful, amazing work and are also fabulous teachers. I have been to several inspiring workshops and lectures with each of them. I have developed my quilting techniques in their classes but they both inspire much more than that – I have learnt about practice, persistence and maybe a bit of (healthy) perfectionism.

Can you recommend a good quilting read?

My favourite books are definitely my Angela Walters collection. They are my ‘go to’ resources when I want ideas for quilting patterns.

What do you love about The Guild?

I love the opportunities to get involved with The Guild.  You definitely get out what you put in. I have been involved in supporting young (and now youngish) quilters for many years which is very rewarding. I also love attending events – Regional Days and the Conference & AGM each year – they are great ways to meet other quilters.  Even though I’m predominantly a modern quilter I’m fascinated by the history of quilting and love that my membership fee goes towards supporting and preserving the Guild collection.

IMG_6554 - Copy

We are asking Members to tell us a bit about their sewing life using five simple questions. At the end of the interview each member suggests another to interview. This way we hope to bring you a wide range of makers from all corners of The Guild over the next weeks and months. If you know an inspiring quilter who we should feature, get in touch and we’ll send out a copy of our questionnaire.

One thought on “Meet a Member – Festival of Quilts 2017 Winner, Sarah Humphreys

  1. Loving these interviews! (Obviously this is my favourite so far – not that I’m biased in any way!)
    Really interested to hear what or who inspires quilters.


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